Internet Marketing Tools For Beginners

Internet Marketing tools for beginners

For those who have no idea how to get started with Internet Marketing, there are a variety of tools to help them succeed. Some of these tools help you with the creation of visual content, while others help you optimize your site and manage analytics. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular tools for Internet marketers. These tools are also great for those who are unsure about how to use them, but can’t seem to figure out what they’re supposed to be.


If you are just starting your internet marketing career, you may be wondering whether or not HootSuite is right for you. It is a powerful social media management tool that offers training and certifications to help you become an expert in the field. If you never took social media marketing classes in school, this tool will be a godsend! In addition to its easy-to-use features, Hootsuite also offers an auto-scheduling function that automatically sends your posts to your account at the best time. The settings are completely customizable.

Google Alerts

If you’re a newcomer to the world of online marketing, Google Alerts is a valuable tool to keep you informed. Not only does it notify you of important news about your industry, but it also allows you to monitor your competitors’ activities. It’s easy to set up Google Alerts to send you an email whenever there is a mention of your brand. Moreover, Google Alerts also provide a way for you to manage your alerts. You can create, edit, delete, or change the alerts on Google.


Optimonk is an internet marketing tool for beginners, with many useful features. Among them, it can help you promote your special offers, collect email addresses, and even Facebook Messenger subscribers. Optimonk also allows you to gather feedback from your customers. Its email marketing feature is powerful, and it helps you improve your cart value by lowering the abandonment rate and increasing the average order value. Another useful feature of Optimonk is its ability to customize messages for each visitor. Hence, Optimonk is an excellent choice for beginners.


The Mailchimp web application has many benefits that beginners should consider. The platform allows users to design their emails and automatically share them on social media. It also has many options for advanced users to further customize their templates. For example, users can use HTML to create their own custom themes and messages. In addition, Mailchimp’s knowledge base gives users an overview of advanced features and techniques. Then, they can use these resources to learn more about using the platform to market online.


Asana is a project management tool that allows teams to collaborate and complete tasks on time. It is a great choice for those new to Internet marketing or those who need a tool that makes their job easier. It has many features that make it a great choice for any size business, from solopreneurs to established businesses. Asana also integrates with other popular tools, such as Slack and Dropbox. It can send email notifications to other team members, such as your Slack team, whenever a new task is added in Asana.


When starting an online business, you can easily create landing pages, sales pages, and more using LeadPages. The software makes it easy to capture contact information from any web page. With industry-leading page load times, Leadpages also makes it easy to create Facebook ads and track Instagram ads. Plus, it makes sure that each page is optimized for any device. So, whether you’re new to internet marketing or a veteran, this program is the right choice for you.

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